The Good – The Bad – The Ugly – In The Limousine & Party Bus Industry

In the limousine and party bus industry many things happen behind the scenes that no one speaks about.  We will tell of all of the fun times and great reviews that happen on most occasions.  However when the crap hits the fan on a night out or the “must go perfect” wedding; we will be right there to talk about it.  

I have been in and around the party bus and limo industry for going on 20 years.  Mostly in the North East but a little time out in on the west coast.  There are so many things that people just have no clue about when it comes to renting a limousine or party bus for their event.  Everyone things if you go to Yelp and look at reviews for your local limo companies that you will get the truth.  Absolutely not!!  Most of those reviews are completely fake.  Half the time they are done by friends of the business or even worse, you have a good company and the competition up the street keeps leaving them bad reviews.

Take a Look at these 4 companies:
Boston Limo Service

Can you Honestly tell me you see any difference in them?
They pretty much look the same don’t they?

We will 100% get into this and explain why almost all of the limo and party bus sites look exactly the same.

Who can you trust?  Half the time you call up a limo company, book a limo and they don’t own even 1 vehicle.  They just broker the job out to some other company that you have never even heard of.  Half the time the company they just pawned you off to has low quality limousines and party buses and has the lowest rates.  So that company makes a great commission and you get stuck with a low budget vehicle, rude limo driver and horrible experience.  

What To Look For In a Limo Company

1. Fleet – Look to see how diverse their fleet is.  If they are a 1 vehicle company that means that if anything goes wrong, they don’t have a backup vehicle.

2.  Reviews – Check reviews.  Like These. Yes, I know I wrote that you can’t trust reviews.  However if most of the reviews are bad then you know to steer clear.

Check Out Social Media & Even Youtube.

3.  Lookout for the Brokers – Make sure they own the vehicles and are not going to pawn you off to some low rent company.  How do you find this out?  Look at their limo fleet and see if you can see state specific license plates.

4.  Do they do Weddings – If a limo company does not do weddings.  Steer clear of them.  Reason being is that the wedding is the event of all events.  If they can handle them, they are ok in my book.

5.  Are they a member of the NLA – See if they are a member of the national limo association

What To Look For In a Party Bus Company

1. Types of Party Buses – Do all of their party buses look like something from 5th grade?  Meaning a School Bus?

2.  Air Conditioning – Make sure they are all equipped with AC

3.  Wrapped Seating – If it’s face forward shuttle style seating it’s not a party bus.

4.  Lights – Make sure it’s all decked out and not a boring bus.

5.  iPod Adaptable – Make sure its up to date with technology.

How Limos Are Made

Most people have absolutely no idea how limousines are actually made.  They think that there is some massive limo manufacturing company making large escalades and Lincoln Super Stretch Limos.  I hate to break it to you.  This is not the case at all.  Limousines are made by cutting a regular vehicle, be it a Navigator, Escalade, Hummer etc into 2 equal parts.  They then take airplane parts and assemble them to the side of the vehicle.  Yes, you read that right.  They take the side of an actual airplane and assemble it to the side of the vehicle that has been cut.  Thus giving you that stretched out appearance.  I admit, not sexy, not mysterious.  But trust me, there is nothing better looking than a fresh super stretch coming out of the garage with a nice pearl white paint job ready for it’s first limousine rental service to a wedding.